Re: Controling a Pole Pig

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Bryan Work <bryan-at-apexrad-dot-com>
> Stephen,
> I am not as experienced as others on this list, and I have not used this
> design,
> and I will be interested to see what some of the wizards advise; but I have
> one
> concern that I hope either you have already resolved or someone could clear
> up.
> I get the impression that you will use the 240 as the primary and still
> have the
> 11kV windings present as a secondary; won't this intoduce an LC component
> the circuit? I hope this isn't an ignorant question.
> Bryan Kaufman

     On the ballasting transformer, the 11 kV winding will not be connected to
anything, so since no current can flow, it might as well not exist. This
just leave the primary magnetizing reactance. This should present itself as an
inductance which I can vary by altering the gap in the core. This is the
inductance I want to use as a current limiter. ( That's my theory anyway)

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