Re: Mobile Ground Rod

Just make sure that the ground is a good distance from the coil, you don't
want to have to fire up a coil in a puddle; (particularly if everyone is
standing in it.)  ; D

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Gregory R. Hunter" <ghunter-at-enterprise-dot-net>
> For those wanting a quick & easy ground rod for mobile/portable coiling, I
> have a trick I learned from a ham radio nut.  Get a 10' length of the
> cheapest kind of 1/2" or 3/4" straight copper pipe at Home Depot, Ace
> Hardware, etc.  Force a garden hose repair coupler into one end.  Couple
> the garden hose to it, turn it on low, get up on a step ladder, and push
> the pipe into the ground.  If the soil isn't too stony, the pipe will sink
> into the earth with little effort as the water flow displaces soil.  If it
> won't start, cut a little hole in the sod to help it.  If you hit a rock,
> pull out & try another angle.  A slanted ground rod works as good as a
> vertical one!  Once you turn off the water, the pipe will set tight in the
> wet ground in a few seconds.  You can pull it out by turning the water on
> again.  I've used this trick a few times to make hasty HF antenna grounds.
> Happy Sparking--Merry Christmas!
> Greg Hunter