Horizontal RF ground ?

Do any of the wiser sages know if a horizontal ground (such as a 10'
piece of copper pipe buried about 1' deep) would be as effective as a
vertically buried ground rod ? If so, I was thinking of trying this: Cap
off one end of a 10' piece of copper pipe and drill a few (hundred)
small (1/8" or so) holes all up and down the length of the pipe. Now
attach a 90 degree elbow and about 2' of pipe to the other end. Bury the
10' pipe, with capped end at a slightly lower depth, and the 2' pipe at
the other end extending straight up about a foot above grade. Attach
ground cable to this pipe, and fill the entire pipe with water to the
top of the vertical piece and replenish as the water soaks into the
soil. Perhaps a garden hose fitting on the end of the pipe would speed
up ground saturation and improve soil conductivity.(Just remember to
remove the hose before firing up the T.C. , just to be safe). This idea
came to mind from Tesla's grounding system problems in the dry soil of
Colorado Springs, probably similar conditions here in West Texas. Does
anyone see any problems or benefits to this scheme, as I have not tried
"Sparkin' & Arcin' in Texas"                                   Tony