Re: new tubes

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Benjamin W. Bouxsein" <bbouxse-at-comp.uark.edu>
> Just went to old radio dude place today, and picked up a pair of 803's and
> a pair of 866A's.  Also he gave me a gigantic transmitter coil form.  The
> thing is at least 6" diam.  and 12" tall. Even has a primary form with
> ceramic insulators.  May make a nice form for the tube coil I am building.
> My question is: He mentioned seeing 803's in a push-pull circuit being run
> at 2000W, but I only show the max plate disipation as 125W.  He says its
> possible, but they glow red hot.
> Comments?
> Ben Bouxsein

	If the circuit had an efficiency of 87.5%, at 2000 w input the total
plate dissipation would be 250 watts, or 125 per tube.  Such an
efficiency is not out of the question, but would take very careful
design and very low-loss coils.