RE: Impedance bridge info ?

Unfortunately, Manual Merchants seems to be out of business. The number
listed in Chuck's post is now a private residence. The San Diegp
information operator has no listing for Manual Merchants.

Does anyone have any other sources for instrumentation manuals?

I'm desperately looking for a manual for an Electro Scientific Industries
(ESI) 250 DE impedence bridge. Anyone out there got a manual that could
help answer several specific questions that I have on bridge operation?

Thanks for any assistance;

Scott Hanson
Costa Mesa, CA

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I have had good luck in getting older equipment manuals from:

Manual Merchants
2475 Loring Street
San Diego, CA  92109-2348

Phone:  1-619-490-9076  Fax:  1-619-490-9075

Simply send a letter requesting availability and price and they will get
back to you quickly.  I paid $15.00 for an original manual for a General
Radio Co. 1611A Capacitance Test Bridge Manual.  I've actually gotten three
manuals for different items, all priced at $15.00.  Good Luck on your


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Does anyone have any information, such as operating instructions or a
manual (or photocopy of same) for a 'Genral Radio Company' impedance
bridge, type 1650-B ? I recently found this near mint condition
instrument in a junk sale, of all places, but alas, no manual was
included. It looks like just what I've been looking for to mesure C, L,
&R values for my next coil (8"x32" sec. -at- 3 to 5 kva, (maybe more :-)).
Many thanks in advance to anyone who could help!
Tony Greer