Re: Controling a Pole Pig

Hello Jim, All

 >     I do have a related question though, I have 2 pigs, and was wondering
 if I
 > could use one of them as a variable inductor by putting a variable gap in
 > core and then putting the 240V side of both pigs in parallel, not
 > anything to the 11 kV side of the gapped pig. Does anyone have any
 > experience of
 > this, will it work?

Jim Lux wrote:
 YEs something like this will work... This is how inexpensive welders set
 the current. They have a core with lots of extra room in the middle
 (where the windings are. Then, they have a piece of core (the shunt)
 which slides in and out, changing the leakage inductance, as you turn
 the handle (which operates a lead screw or other mechanism). When the
 shunting core is all the way out it is max current, all the way in is

One aspect which I think should be mentioned is that these magnetic shunts are
place 90 to the magnetic flow thru the core. This way the disrupt the normal
path of the magnetic field more effectively.

coiler greets from germany,