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The 50 ma of drive current will not be enough to charge your cap correctly.
 You will either need to go down to a .01 MFD cap or increase your drive
current to around 120 ma to properly drive the .02 MFD cap.  A .01 MFD cap
will work but will require more primary turns to set resonance properly.


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Subject: design presentation, and 1 question
Date: Tuesday, December 01, 1998 7:19 PM

Original Poster: Finn Hammer <f-hammer-at-post5.tele.dk> 

The question is, will a neon, 8000 v -at- 50 mA be powerfull enough to
produce sparks on this coil:

I have decided what sort of coil to make. I want one that will have
scope for future upgrading of the tank, so it starts out like this:

Tank:   8000V 50 mA, 0.02 F
Secondary:    6" by 24" 22 gauge (as per quick)
Primary:   18 turns (tapped btwn. 10&11) 1/4" cu. tube, spaced 1/4", 15
degrees bank. (as described by Gary Weaver, and Quick)
Top terminal: Toroid 6" by 12.5"
so that the resonant frequency at 160khz can be met.
I used Tesla coil CAD, and Wintesla to design this coil.
Gap will be "quick"  :-) axial blown radial gaps and cap stacked polye.
A good source of clean allu is offset printers: the plates are 8 mill.
thick, come in the popular printed formats, and can be had for free. I
have yet to discover, wether the emulsion on one side is good/bad in cap
I got the pvc sewer tube, and the wire today. I buy at a motor rebuild
shop, and have bought wire for transformers and fieldcoils there for
years, they like to hear about new projects, we get a nice chat, and
they have wire in 1 mill. steps! today I got 30% off the bill, so 14
pounds of twin layer modified polyester imide insulated wire cost me
100$. And then they trew in 12 sq. feet of 4 mill. and 6 sq. feet of 8
mill. mylar.
Also went to the recycling yard to get some copperpipe for the gaps, and
possibly some more plates for the caps, but they had just finished
pressing them into 2 square bales. never mind, there will be more.
I stumbled across a U-I section cored choke, looked brand new, and
suitable for a 500W transformer. Maby I will have a go at winding it
myself. I have only wound up to 550 volts yet for my tube amplifiers,
and am not too sure about the need for insulation at 16 kV. But with
this nice mylar, perfect layer wind coils ....hmmm.

Made a rendering of how the general appearance might be. It is here


cheers, finn