conductive silicone (fwd)

Hi folks!  I occasionally get useful bits of "spam", and I thought this
may be of some interest/use to people.  For example, holding toroids


 Chip Atkinson 
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Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 22:22:37 -0700
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Subject: conductive silicone

Dear Sir,

    Shielding Technologies manufactures conductive silicone products for the
electronics industries. Our products include EMI formulations and compounds,
conductive RTV, conductive grease, LIM, sheet stock, gaskets, extrusion and
calandered materials.  Our formulations are extremely conductive and retain
flexibility at very low and high temperatures.  If you would like additional
information or would like a sample kit please call or email.


Michael Leonard
Shielding Technologies
email: mleonard71-at-aol-dot-com