Good source for LDPE, HDPE, and PPE

Decent source of dielectrics for cap construction:
McMaster-Carr (www.mcmaster-dot-com)

Material     Thk       Size       Tol        Price   Cat#
LDPE        1/16"     48"x96"    +/- 5%      $26.60  8657k911
HDPE        1/16"     48"x96"    +/- 5%      $28.99  8619k12
PPE         1/16"     48"x96"    +/- 5%      $24.57  8742k911

Been told that mineral oil may be ordered from the drug store in gallon
jugs as laxative.  Also heard that vets use it for the same purpose.  If
anyone knows a cheaper source, let me know.

Hope that you find this useful.
Ross Overstreet
Huntington Beach, CA