Re: Controling a Pole Pig

    I have dismantled a pig almost identical to viv's one, and because of the
way it is wound, it is not possible to put a shunt in the magnetic path, the 2
windings are layered over each other, so there is no way for any flux to link
only one of the coils which (I believe) is what is necessary for shunting to
    I do have a related question though, I have 2 pigs, and was wondering if I
could use one of them as a variable inductor by putting a variable gap in the
core and then putting the 240V side of both pigs in parallel, not connecting
anything to the 11 kV side of the gapped pig. Does anyone have any
experience of
this, will it work?

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Doug Brunner" <dabrunner-at-earthlink-dot-net>
> It's really not worth it ripping up a pig and doing that. Also, you would
> have a really hard time, if not an impossibility, putting a shunt in the
> core without damaging some windings. Just go wind an inductive ballast.
> >time and travelling (16Hrs).  I understand about Balasting using resistive
> >and inductive loads but would another way be to cut a slot in the magnetic
> >path in the transformer.  Is this a done thing in Pole pigs?  How big a
> >slot?

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