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> Hi Richard,
> > Original Poster: Richard Hull <rhull-at-richmond.infi-dot-net>
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> > ...........................................Malcolm,
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> > The potential actually going into the 12" X  4" resonator coil's
> > base on 11E is unknown, but the transmission line will give about a
> > 18"  flaming white hot arc of incredible brilliance and brissance.
> > The xmission line touches down on a 12 X 3 spun Aluminum toroid at
> > the base of the resonator.  #30 wire (Kynar- wire wrap wire) is
> > tight wound and uncoated the full length.  A 20X5 toroid is in
> > contact with the output end of resonator.  The resonator is hollow
> > with no bulk heads (just a cross bar at each end for suspension)
> > Thus, two flat un-insulated metallic surfaces (toroid webs) face
> > one another separated by the hollow 12" resonator.  The 20X5 Toroid
> > is stepped out in only 6" with a very shallow spun Aluminum cone to
> > 36".  There, a 45"X 12" toroid is bolted to the entire apparatus and
> > I have produced 125" sparks  with 7KW.  So the direct, empirical,
> > visual experience is an 18" arc to a 125" arc via resonator rise.
> > I personally feel that the artifcie is not so much in the resonator
> > and the potential is not scaled 6 or more to 1 as might be
> > innocently assumed.  The field control has got to be superb as the
> > two webs separated by 1 foot regardless of voltage phasing has
> > never arced over.
> Would you mind running the system single shot one day at the normal
> peak primary voltage and posting the attached lengths to ground from
> the transmission line and the output toroid please?
> Thanks,
> Malcolm
> P.S. I would be interested in the latest update of the Guide too.


How do I single shot the system.  It is not an open system.  All wiring is
in plumbing and behind a lot of other neat scientific stuff  The gap is
dangerously close to the system!  It would not be a casual thing to do.
Peak voltage of 28.9kv.  I doubt that I would see more than 2 foot off
the resonator.  All the max sparks from any system are a function of its
dynamic characterisitcs.  Staitc conditions would never scale.  Of this, I
am absolutely certain.

I might hook up a current limited DC supply with a long charging TC and
set the gap wheel to alignment.  Again, all the quenching effects of the
gap and the ion dynamics would be factored out of the system.  I could
probably beat this magnifier static test with a simple two coil system.
Yet the maggey would far outperform it in a dynamic show of arms.

If I do it, I will report it to the list.

Richard Hull