Re: Dump the RSG! [Tube Coil]

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> Richard,
> The tube coil I just finished is hot, hot, hot in the RF department. Since
> I don't have much experience with tubes, I figured that the high RF was
> because I'm running DC (unfiltered DC that is). I wanted cool looking
> sparks, high RF radiation (for neon tubes) and silent operation. I got
> all three with this coil and I'm very happy. If all a bigger tube gets me is
> a bigger tube coil then I'll ship this triode to Rob and he can build the
> Coronatron II.
> My spark coil will remain just that: a spark coil. All I need now is a
> spark gap.
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> >
> >Rob Stephens has the largest tube coil I have ever heard of (the
> coronatron-
> >10KW) and it is nice, but the RF burns touching anything within meters are
> >severe.  Most tube coils are basically just big oscillators with more or
> >less CW performance, tremendous radiation and very small sparks for the
> KWH.
> >It is what you want that makes the difference.  Big tubes make for big open
> >ended hertzian radiators.
> >
> >Richard Hull, TCBOR
> >
> >
> >Arrrggggh! More info please! What tube, B+ supply, etc? Corona 

Ohhh, I suppose most on the list have been bitten by a "shock" either
ac, dc, or both, as have I, but if you havent been the victim of an
R.F. burn, don't worry about it...it just burns a hole thru your flesh
and self-cauterizes. That is what a cauterizing devince does, in fact.
I was, of course, kidding, especially at these power levels. At the 
levels (low) that I have been hit, either if just feels like the metal
you are touching is physically hot, or it burns a neat little pinhole 
in the flesh, but no blood due to the cauterization. Especially fun if
your mic has a plastic PTT button, and you push it to xmit, and get those
nice, moist lips near the metal microphone face. A quarter wavelength
piece of wire (counterpoise) drizzled wherever you can fit it in, and
attached to the transmitter may cure this.