Re: Tube Type Tesla Coils

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>Hi all,
>I am interested in all aspects of Tesla coil and
>high voltage design.  The tube, transistor, or mosfet
>pulsed tank type coil and the spark gap pulsed tank
>type Tesla coil seem very related to me in terms of
>the co-illuminating interrelationships that exist
>between the two.  The study of both is a synergistic
>endeavor.  They all have many more properties
>in common than not.  Resonance is a phenomenon
>common to them all is it not?
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>Subject: Tube Type Tesla Coils
>Date: Saturday, March 08, 1997 1:42AM
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Barry -

You missed the point. If all of the items you are interested in are included
in the Tesla List there would be 500 instead of 50  postings a day. 

The idea of the Tesla list is to limit the postings to a resonable number. I
agree resonance, etc. covers a vast universe of knowledge. The only way to
control the Tesla List postings is to limit them to Tesla coils only. Many
people do not understand what true Tesla coils are and why Tesla invented
the device.

Note that I was only asking the question, it is up to the drivers (Chip
etc.) to steer the course.. 

John C.

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