Re: World War II Capacitors

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Subject: 	Re: World War II  Capacitors


I just aquired a couple of capacitors dated
from 1945!

They are inscribed:
Admiralty pattern 1059
Condenser Mica 0.0011MFD +/- 5%
Tests A) 6 Amps at 300 KC - 1 hour
B) 28000 volts D.C.
max wkg condition approx 80% test condition
Year 1945

They are rectangular blocks about 2.5* 3.5 * 3
inches. Bolt terminals on top.

I think that these will still be good and that
10 in // will perform as well as a 0.01uf 
commercial capacitor at up to about 7kV AC. 
The guy wants L5 for them (about $7).

Any comments - is this worth pursueing or should
I stick to polythene and tinfoil.

Have fun

Alan Sharp (UK)