Re: Coil Efficiency (and true wattmeter)

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>> Agreed. I think that's where a lot of false figures are coming from. 
> >In many cases the waveforms are terrible. However, I have scoped 
>> transformer primary currents using a very low value resistor in series
>> and probing across it with an isolated scope which not only shows 
>> waveform but peak current as well. For an RMS figure, a bit of 
>> calculus can be used. A valve scope is a must for a running coil.
> >   I like your idea better though. The thought of a blown up scope 
>> makes me blanch.
>> Comments?
>> Malcolm
>  >>
>Can you give any idea of the results you've obtained using calculus to
>figure the input power compared with an ordinary wattmeter, and how
>different the results were with different break-rates?  For instance,
>(I'll just make this up) suppose wattmeter read 1000 watts at a low
>break-rate, did calculus results show (let's say) 700 watts, in other
>words a lower figure?   And if wattmeter read 1000 watts at a high 
>break rate, did calculus method show (let's say) 500 watts, or an 
>even lower figure?  Intuition tells me to expect these kinds of general
>results...but since I don't trust my intuition very much, I'd be interested
>in your general findings...ballpark of course.
>John Freau

	Last month I bought a Yokogawa Hokushin Electric single phase
watt meter surplus (unfortunately, it is just used enough to have it's
model number scraped off the label;). It's a dual scale 12/24 Kilowatt
wattmeter. I've wound a current transformer for it that scales it to
1.2 Kilowatts for use around the house and have been thinking of
winding a current transformer to scale it to 12kW.  Has anyone
verified a wattmeter's accuracy on a tesla coil? Say, verses an
electronic wattmeter?