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Sent: 	Saturday, June 28, 1997 7:09 AM
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Now that I have a new ISP, I can be online longer.  I am also running a
web server on my machine, so I thought I'd try a local web page.  This is
mostly a mirror of the bhs.broo.k12 site, but I have added archives of the
mailing list for Feb, Mar, and Apr. The link is at the bottom of my main

The general schedule of uptime is at half past the hour my machine
attempts to connect to the net.  Often the link goes down at about 10
after the hour, but it's unpredictable.  I'm trying to find out what my
ISP permits, so I'm not making any guarantees yet/at all, but try it. 

Point your web browser at 
and let me know what you think.


 Chip Atkinson 
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