Re: Even More Mini Coils

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Hi John, all,

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> << Then I removed the ground connection 
> >altogether and just let them work one against the other.  What?
> >It improved!  >snip>
> >     Robert, I think I just joined you in coiling heaven :)
>  >Malcolm
>   >>
> Malcolm,
> Any theories about why the system works better without the ground?
> Could it be that the base needs to be free to "surge" with the RF at
> times, i.e. certain "unbalanced" conditions may occur which need to
> be "free" to occur.   (I'm being a little unscientific here, but oh well....)
> John Freau

Indeed :)  First consider that the coils are terminating each other 
with an ideal impedance at the base. Being current acceptors, they 
naturally see each other in parallel with an extra load nee ground.
Remove the ground and you've removed a lossy shunt from the system.
    If anyone tries this with a high powered system, I advise leaving 
the ground connected initially as there is voltage at the base of the 
system, particularly when the resonators are issuing sparks due to
an impedance rise at the base.