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>Hi all-
>	I recently bought a 15KV transformer but am a little confused as 
>to how to power it and whether it's ac or dc output.  Let me describe it:
>	It's approx. 2X4X6 inches.  On one side it has three terminals.  
>The first is labeled "J1" and is a male socket with three rather thin 
>prongs.  Im guessing these are +, -, and ground for a 120VAC input, 
>though they do seem kinda small for 120.  This socket has groves such 
>that it could only be connected in one orientation to it's mate.
>The second is labeled "J2" and is obviously a HV output; having a thick 
>rubber grommet around a thickly insulated wire.  The end has one of those 
>suction cup things and I'm guessing it was ment to power a CRT.  CRTs are 
>powered by DC, aren't they?  This makes me think it's got a DC output.
>The last terminal is a small metal knob labeled "TP", which I'm quite sure 
>is a center tap.  This makes me think the output is AC.
>Also, on another side is the following info:
>	MODEL: 164A
>	SER. NO.: 152
>	PART NO. 718542-2
>So, what do you all think?  If I can get it connected properly, and "J2" 
>is 15KV output, what would be the other terminal?  15KV relative to 
>ground?  To "TP"?
>As always, thanks for your help!  Brandon

Hi Brandon

        What you described sounds like a high voltage stage out of an old
portable tv. It is probably a step up transformer with a tripler connected
to it. The output of a tripler is dc but the input is ac.
        The way I look at it is that "tp" is the ac input for the tripler.

                That would be my best guess.