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> > Hi,
> >
> > I have redesign my capacitor that was made out of glass and foil.
> >
> > My new cap is made out of paper and foil, both dipped in oil so that the
> > paper has the same dielectric strength of polyethylene. At last my spark
> > from the secondary is more intens than ever before but now I get about 6
> > inches spark and not 18 inches as I should from my 15000VAC 30mA. Can anyone
> > help me, I don't know what is wrong.
> >
> > What can cause the intenser spark but not any longer sparks.

I think you should build a better spark gap.  The simple two electrode
static gap will not perform nearly as well as a good multiple electrode
spark gap.  Multiple gaps allow the capacitor to build up a higher
voltage before discharging and multiple gaps will quench more easily. 
Also if your coil is not in  real good tune you might have some arcing
from the secondary to the primary.  This arcing causes a huge decrease
in spark length.  I had this problem on a bipolar coil even when it was
in good tune.  I cut some strips of plastic from a 2 liter pop bottle
and used it to insulate against this.  Something else that I didn't
mention was going from glass plates to paper will decrease the
capacitance unless the plate sizes or amount of plates increased.


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