6 ft arcs

From: 	chuck seguin[SMTP:seguinc-at-algonquinc.on.ca]
Sent: 	Wednesday, June 25, 1997 7:48 AM
To: 	owen-at-iosphere-dot-net
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Subject: 	6 ft arcs

Good morning Owen,

Here is an update on my latest coil.  You may remember that I wound a
new coil with larger wire (#20).  It has a tuned frequency with the
toroid of ~116 KHz.

I've fired it up last Friday and finally saw what synergy is all about. 
This coil finally produced some amazing lightning.  You may also remeber
the last demo, where all I had was a grounded discharge rod to arc over
towards.  This coil was first tuned for best spark using this technique,
and the grounding rod was completely removed.  This coil prodices some
neat arcs, but seemed wimpy since they were not the brightest and did
not extend that far out (~40 inches).  I finnally upped the level on the
variac and there it was, incredible arcs that behaved like natural
lightning.  The arc almost seemed like it had a life of it's own.  It
waved around and occasionally wanted to arc to the ground nearby.  The
toroid was directly on top of the secondary and had an elevation of
roughly 7 feet.

I brought the level up higher and got longer dsicharges.  Then the fuse
on the variac blew (15A slow blow).  Needless to say, I blew many fuses
that afternoon.  I was not capable of bringing the level on the variac
to greater than about 90V,  the transformer I use is capable of
generating 30kV at 120V input (total output current yet unknown).  

I performed a final test.  I noticed that when the SG electrodes became
warm, they performed better.  I brought the variac to a level just
before 90V, and I simply increased the level full blast for short
peroids (so I would not blow the fuse).  This is where I got 6 ft arcs.

I now understand the meaning of synergy.  I also understand where all my
losses are in the entire system.  Next step, I will increase the TC's
effeciency by making better connections and changing my SG.

All the best.