Re: Spark Gap Idea

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<<  Thanks for the warning...I probally need it!  I know its not a good idea
 > to mess around with the HV when the coil is running but I am using a
 > insulated screwdriver; It has about a foot of fiberglass and the blade
 > stuck into the end is less than 1/4" deep. I also make sure I am well
 > insulated and only have one hand anywhere near the HV. I guess I should
 > have been more precise in my orginal post but I was just assuming that
 > an insulated handle would be standard procedure working with any HV..
 > Jim >>

  Hello all ---

reading this brings back memories -------------------

   I had used similar tools & procedures to tune the tank ckt.
of a 4-1000 amp. in my ham days , with no problems ---
then one morning --- I wondered what happened as I
picked my butt up off the floor ------ I noticed the tool
was charred ---- (as well as my finger ) --- the power was not
R.F. --- it was abt 6 KV D.C. ----- I failed to observe that 
each time I used the "insulated" tool ---- I left a bit of 
palm sweat (salt) on the handle ---- OUCH !

    Let us not forget Murphy ---