38" sphere

From: 	gweaver[SMTP:gweaver-at-earthlink-dot-net]
Sent: 	Tuesday, June 24, 1997 10:52 AM
To: 	Tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
Subject: 	38" sphere

Today at the scrap yard I found 2 aircraft, 1 one very large aircraft and 1
small aircraft.  While searching threw the pile of aircraft pieces I found a
38" diameter stainless sphere.  The sphere is made in 2 halves.  One half
has a ring on the inside edge so the 2 halves can be assembles and the seam
is almost invisible.  I wonder if the sphere has something to do with the
aircraft or if it was there because someone else threw it away.  The sphere
has 1 hole about 1/2" diameter and 3 holes 1/4" dia. around the 1/2" hole.
It has a rusty circle where the sphere was bolted to something about 8"
diameter.   I don't know what this sphere was but if some factory made 1
then they must have made more.   I could not find any markings on the
aircraft.  The aircraft could be anything.  The wings were cut into several
pieces.  The engine housings were about 6 feet dia. and flat black color.
The wings were military green color in several places, dull finish, with
dull flat black along the edges.  Does anyone on the list know anything
about aircraft?   I am hoping that if anyone on the list would like to have
a 38" stainless sphere we can figure out where to get one.  Does anyone have
any ideas?   I am going to try this sphere on my TC and see what happens.
It would be perfect for a Van De Graff generator.  The stainless sphere
weights 57 lbs.  The sphere shines like a mirror but has a dirty ring about
6" wide all the way around that comes off easy with steel wool.

Gary Weaver