Re: Spark Gap Idea

From: 	Rick Holland[SMTP:rickh-at-ghg-dot-net]
Sent: 	Monday, June 23, 1997 11:21 PM
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Tesla List wrote:
> Thanks for the warning...I probally need it!  I know its not a good idea
> to mess around with the HV when the coil is running but I am using a
> insulated screwdriver; It has about a foot of fiberglass and the blade
> stuck into the end is less than 1/4" deep. I also make sure I am well
> insulated and only have one hand anywhere near the HV. I guess I should
> have been more precise in my orginal post but I was just assuming that
> an insulated handle would be standard procedure working with any HV..
> Jim


I think most of us assumed you were using an insulated handle, but many
of us who have worked with high voltage in the past know that under the
right circumstances, the HV can arc over the top of the handle right to
your hand! Especially in times of excitement during tuning when you
might forget to handle the screwdriver at the end of the handle and grip
it normally, which is far too close to that hunk o metal that's
connected directly to the HV. You can take the broken tip of a fishing
rod and file a screwdriver tip on it, removing any metal at all from the
process. Please be safe!

      Rick Holland

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