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  Rod -

  I thought you would be interested in the following information.  I ran
your TC data thru the JHCTES computer program with the following results.

  In order for a TC to be in tune the following equations must balance.

         LpCp = LsCs        F = 1/(6.283 sqrt(LsCs))

  With your coil -

         Lp = 20.97 uh  at 8.35 turns
         Cp = .01 uf
         Ls = 10.05 mh   #22 AWG  37 TPI
         Cs = 20.9 pf    
         Coil self cap = 7.95 pf  plus  Toroid = 12.95 pf
         Oper freq = 347 KHZ
         K Factor = .20
         Mutual Inductance = 90.42 uh
         Controlled spark length  = 11"
         One shot spark length =  must be tested.
         Neon Trans  12 KV  30 ma  360 watts

  The above results are obtained by using standard electronic equations with
the computer automatically keeping the system in tune.  The above parameters
can be tested after the coil is built. If the inputs you gave are exact (Cp
= .01 uf etc.) and the tests are made correctly the above parameters should
be +/- 5% of the test results. 

  Note that the resonant frequency is found by the above equation and 

      Cs = coil self cap plus toroid cap  

  Don't forget to emphasize to your niece the shock hazards of the neon
transformer and the grounding conditions. If a spark is taken from the
secondary terminal (not recommended) the person should not be grounded.

  John Couture   

>Hi all,
>I'm designing a new small TC for my neice to build for her high-school
>science project.
>I've done a few rough calculations, plus using a few rules of thumb, I've
>come up with this design -

>...anyway, your comments and ideas are welcome...as always! :-)
>Thanks All!