Re: Spherical discharge terminal

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We've noted similar effects with a large coil running a 34 x 7 toroid with
a 14 oblate (Van de Graaff) setting on top.  It appears the effect is
related to electrostatic shielding, height of the oblate above the toroid,
and most importantly spark gap jitter -- the nonprecision opeation of a
rotary sparkgap.  The coil will sync for a short time and then go back to
rotating sparks.  Operation with a large DC motor synchronous sparkgap
produced a single streamer when the RSG speed was carefully adjusted.


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> >There was some discussion here a while back about the different effects
> >produced by using round v.s. toroidal discharge terminals.  Last night I
> >placed an aluminum foil covered styrofoam ball (about 6" in dia.) on the
> >of the toroid of my 3" coil.  When running, for the first several
> >the discharges are similar to using the toroid - dancing around the ball
> >many forked like normal, then after maybe 20 seconds it settles down to
> >one streamer going straight up.  This one streamer walks around the ball
> >somewhat but has no forks in the discharge except at the very top.  It
> >straight up for about 16" to 18" then produces many forks at the top.  I
> >never seen this before.  It reminds me of a tornado in appearance.
> >
> >Has anyone tried this on a larger, higher powered system?  That would be
> >something to see a single discharge going straight up for seven or eight
> >feet.  This would probably only work outside with absolutely no wind.
> > Something else for me to try when I eventually get some new capacitors
> >my 6" coil.
> >
> >Ed Sonderman
> Ed,
> I have had this same effect many times. I have only noticed
> it while using a spherical terminal.
> While my coil is not really high power I have had this single
> snake like streamer out to about 28 inches. I have had them last
> up to 30 seconds. Any air movement seems to disrupt it.
> What I notice if one begins while I have the variac setting rather
> low is that more power tends to make them thicker rather than longer.
> I have had them as thick around as my thumb.
> Very unusual and interesting effect.
> Mike Hammer
> mhammer-at-misslink-dot-net