Re: long sparks-low watts

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Perhaps I can start to answer some of these questions:

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>   Have you compiled data from these tests that would compare Tesla pri
> voltage, pri cap size, secondary inductance, etc. This would be interesting
> info for new coilers.

And everyone else I would think. Well, here are some figures from the 
charting exercise. So far, there appears to be a single common 
thread running through them: those achieving "synergy" are getting the 
greatest amount of power from the wall plug to the primary cap with 
minimal losses. There is very little in common between one system and
another regarding the coils per se.
     I will leave a blank where I have not been given or been unable 
to calculate the power with any degree of certainty. Where neon 
transformers have been used and power has not been stated, I have 
used the neon rating. I have around 40 systems charted. I have had to 
estimate cap voltages under different break conditions so some of the 
figures will be outliers. In some cases, cap voltage would be sagging 
badly at high BPS. The coil below listed at 60" for estimated primary 
power of nearly 2kW is an example.

WallPlug       E x BPS      Longest Spark Length
--------       -------      --------------------
360VA           82W          15.5"
5kVA             -           80"
3.2kVA          566W         65"
6.2kVA          2.3kW        84"
45kVA           40kW         31 feet
1.1kVA          139W         36"
1.6kVA          280W         52"
5kVA            4.4kW        90"
700VA           90W          20"
 -              1.95kW       60"
 -              141W         30"
 -              300W         36"
 -              3.37kW       80"
8.8kVA          5.1kW        12 feet (peak stated to be near 18') 
3.2kVA           -           60"
720VA           225W         48"
1.8kVA          554W         63"
3.5kVA          800W         62" 
1.1kVA          292W         36"  (coil stated to be out of tune)
7kVA            6.6kW        121"
750VA           100W         22"
 -              9.2kW        162"
6.25VA           -           1"
33VA            20W          3"   (my single resonator mini)
33VA            20W          4"   (with extra parasitic resonator)
1.8kVA          570W         60+"
490VA           136W         36"
45kVA           32kW         25 feet
360VA           69W          14"
360VA           69W          19"  (different resonator, k, pri tune)
540VA           50W          16"
 -              3.7kW        90"
230VA           50W          13"  (I estimated more BPS than 2xfmains)
 -              240W         48"  (again)
450VA           74W          18"
1.7kVA           -           36"
 -              160kVA       40 feet

That last one is my estimate of how Robert Golka's system is doing.
Sorry the figures are not ordered. The trends seem clear though.
225W/720VA neon transformer looks to be the best neon transformer 
performance and this coil has set a record for that power so I think 
it's fair to say that you cannot do better than 50% of a neon's kVA 
rating which is not great news.