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> Greetings all;
> Does anyone know what kind of plastic the clear 2 and 3 liter soda
> bottles are made of? I thought possibly polycarbonate, but they seem
> pretty flexible and I remember polycarbonate as being rather brittle!

I saw a program on The Learning Channel about plastics that stated that
soda bottles are made of a double layer of a grain oriented form of
polyetheylene ( PETE, polyethylene tetra.....) , I can't remember the
rest of the technical name. The layers are blow molded with the grain of
the two sheets at 90 degree angles to each other for strength. Early
trials of the material for bottles revealed that a single layer would
not stand the pressure and frequently split along the grain.

But, isn't this a little off subject? There must be a polymer list out
there somewhere!

Safe Coiling,

Ed Wingate