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You can make your own chokes from PVC pipe or ferrite toroids.  About 100
turns of wire on a ferrite donut make a great choke.  I have used 40 turns
of # 14 house wire solid copper on a ferrite donut.  I have made chokes by
winding 1" pvc with 6" of #24 wire.  The ferrite toroids are available at
many electronc supply stores for $2.50 each.  Javanco Electronics has them
for $2.50 each.  Javanco's address is  http://www.javanco-dot-com

Gary Weaver  

>> Hi, guys
>> I have a transformer of 15000 VAC 30 mA and want to build a choke for my
>> transformer. (I don't know much about chokes) Can anyone give me info on
>> how
>> to build it, the reason I'm asking you is that I can't unzip some of the
>> files on ftp.funet.fi 
>> I really don't want to buy a new transformer if something goes wrong.
>> Thanks