need help with 1st coil

From: 	Brian Knight[SMTP:knigh_br-at-catseq.catlin.edu]
Sent: 	Friday, June 20, 1997 3:22 PM
To: 	Tesla List
Subject: 	need help with 1st coil

Hi all!
	I just ran my first tesla coil.  It was the "solid state" type
built with a TV flyback transformer.  It wouldn't jump much of a spark
gap, but once the spark had started, it could be streched to around 1". 
This was really cool!  
	I also remove a flourescent bulb from the light socket in the
kitchen and watched it light up when next to the coil.  A 3" long 250V
flash bulb also lit up, but instead of just glowing, it was filled by
long, branching arcs, kind of like those plasma sphere's they sell.
	First of all, how safe is it to look at a spark in the air?  haw
much UV does it produce?  How can UV be blocked?  I have a sheet of 1/4
inch thick window glass.  Will that work? How about those rubber safety
	Second, my dad and I have nearly completed a standard type tesla
coil.  I would like to know what a good procedure to power it up would be,
and what initial values would be good for the spark gap and stuff.  Here's
the design:  The capacitor is a glass and foil type with a capacitance of
.0081 uF.  The secondary is 685 turns wrapped of a piece of sealed 3"
thin-wall PVC.  The primary is 13 turns of copper tubing spaced at 3/8"
and with an outside diameter of about 20".  The spark gap is two #8 brass
machine screws.  This is all going to be powered by a 9kv 30ma neon
transformer.(Is 3/4" ok for the protection gaps?).  Will this tune at turn
	I aprreciate any help I could get.  hopefully nothing will burn up
and need to be replaced if all the adjustments are close to right the
first time!  I already have had my first cap design arc-over during a
test!  That was an experience I would like to avoid.


		Brian Knight