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> Hi Alfred, All,
> Do you really think that all of the magnetic field
> from the primary can diffuse through all of the
> layers of windings in the secondary without
> phase shift or attenuation due to the
> diffusion time constant or skin effect?
>                                                    Barry

I don't know if =every= layer is getting fully cut, or if =every= 
turn is getting magnetically saturated, but enough layers are working 
to produce 10 foot plus sparks.  

I've carefully calculated the difference in length of the layers, and 
it is less than 15 feet.  At 160 kHz, we're looking at a wavelength 
thousands of meters in length - 15 feet would cause a phase 
difference that would be so insignificant you couldn't measure it.  I 
know, I tried, and it is very, very tiny.

Bert Pool