Re: Plastic Capacitors Rating

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Sent: 	Friday, June 20, 1997 9:07 AM
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Subject: 	Plastic Capacitors Rating

This is an open letter to anyone who presently owns a Plastic Capacitors cap
- or who has good advice on this subject.

I would like to know what the AC RMS voltage rating is on your cap and what
AC supply voltage you use.

As I mentioned, I am in discussion with Tom Brown at Plastic Caps and it
seems that we can get a 27 kv ac rms rated .030 mfd cap for $313.00 or a 30
kv ac rms rated .030 mfd cap for $410.00.  The higher voltage rating forces a
step up in case size and increases the cost quite a bit for only an increase
in rating of 3 kv.

My supply is a 14,400 volt pole pig.  Using the extra tap on the powerstat, I
can raise this to a maximum of 18 kv.  Am I safe using the 27 kv rated cap??
 Would Charles Brush be safe using the same cap with his 20 kv pig??

Thanks for the help  -  Ed Sonderman