Coil Efficiency

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Sent: 	Thursday, June 19, 1997 3:04 PM
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Subject: 	Re: Coil Efficiency

Hi all,
          Here are a few figures from the coil charting. I haven't 
compiled anywhere near enough data to make these meaningful yet, but 
I thought they might be interesting. The coil power figures are best 
estimates based on a degree of optimism in some cases. The wall plug 
power figures were generally stated. 

Wall Plug Power    Coil Power (E x BPS)    Spark Length
---------------    --------------------    ------------
360W               82W                     15.5"
700W               90W                     20"
1kW                139W                    36"
720W               225W                    48"
1.6kW              280W                    52"
3.2kW              566W                    65"
6kW                2.3kW                   84"
5kW                4.4kW                   90"

I have more coils than this charted. Unfortunately, in a number of 
cases, people didn't provide sufficient information for me to estimate
coil input power and in other cases, didn't provide a wall plug 
figure. I left those ones out of the list above. In one case, a 
figure of 4" was claimed for a wall plug figure of 250W! I think most
will agree there is plenty of room for better use of power. There are 
still a lot of coils not yet surveyed sorry.