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> Hi Alfred, All,
> Do you really think that all of the magnetic field
> from the primary can diffuse through all of the
> layers of windings in the secondary without
> phase shift or attenuation due to the
> diffusion time constant or skin effect?
>                                                    Barry
<major snippage>


That is a *deep* question.  I suppose you could bring all four 
conductors out at the bottom of the secondary in a fanlike fashion 
and place a separate Rogowski coil or wideband CT around each one on 
its way to RF ground.  With a 4 channel O- scope and some careful 
measurements, maybe some TDR,  you could probably answer your question. 

There is undoubtdedly some differences in current and phase for the 
different conductors in this layered arrangement, which are not 
averaged through bundle twist along their length.

The bottom line as reported by Bert Pool seems to be that this 
multi-layer arrangement tends to be superior in practice to a single layered

Sounds like just the kind of esoteric question you could con some 
agency like the NSF into giving you a research grant to produce a paper about.

Go for it!