Re: 60 vs. 30 ma

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> >>If you add larger transformers, you can certainly also increase
> >>the capacitance to take advantage of the higher charging current.
> >>All I'm saying here is you do not have to increase the capacitor
> >>value when higher current transformers are added.  Some folks
> >>seem to think one requires the other.
> >Actually you do have to increase the capacitor size if you increase
> >the charging current otherwise you will not be using the additional
> >current. Realize of course this assumes that you were already using
> >the largest practical size capacitor for the charging current. The
> >capacitor is really the controlling factor as to how much power we
> >can cram into a given Tesla coil.
> It would seem to me that if one switches to a transformer with
> twice the current rating, using the same capacitor, that the
> capacitor would simply charge up to the spark gap voltage twice
> as fast.

I have noted just this effect recently. I managed to blow up one of my
30Ma 15Kv neons and have been running the coil (.015Uf poly cap, RQ
muffin type gap)) with just one neon. The gap sparks much slower than
before and the sparks that previously streamed of the Toroid in all
directions are now much sparser.

Does anyone have any idea how long the ringdown takes on each Cap
discharge cycle?


Peter E.