RE: Polyethylene in Aus.

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Wednesday, June 18, 1997 3:33 AM Peter Elekssy
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> Yes indeed folks, we may have the odd kangaroo bouncing across the
> backyard, and "pole pigs" might indeed be more scarce than wild pigs,
> but polyethylene plastic is quite easy to get here.

I was told once by someone that lived in Australia that polyethylene 
sutable for capacitors was hard to find there, I am certainly glad to 
hear that is not the case!

> I have actually used black concreters plastic for my cap only because
> its so much cheaper than the clear poly, and I still believe many layers
> work better than one thick one.

Ah ha! Again we hear the much malined black polyethylene not living 
up to it's bad ( and aparently false) reputation! This indeed seems 
to be one of those situations where a lie repeated long enough 
becomes accepted as truth! This must be about the fifth time I've 
heard that someone was using black polyethylene in their capacitor, 
with no problems!


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