Freaky frequency

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Hi Erik,

    Just a few lines for now concerning ur coil.

at first glance it would seem that ur secondary 

is closer to 275 K.C. in length (1/4) wave ----


Neons have their H.V. center-tapped & grounded 

to the core (for safety's sake) so you still have

the total voltage of one of them (if connected in series).

I'd suggest connection in parallel --- (or, for tuning purposes-

use just one )

     Have you an oscilloscope / pulse generator 

to test the steady state vs. ringing frequency (per Thompson's Rule )? 

     I'd also suggest using one spark gap for tuning ---------

If this is new nomenclature for you --- I'll do my best to 

clear it up in a later post (tomorrow ?? )

regards ,