Spherical discharge terminal

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Sent: 	Friday, June 20, 1997 9:07 AM
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Subject: 	Spherical discharge terminal

There was some discussion here a while back about the different effects
produced by using round v.s. toroidal discharge terminals.  Last night I
placed an aluminum foil covered styrofoam ball (about 6" in dia.) on the top
of the toroid of my 3" coil.  When running, for the first several seconds,
the discharges are similar to using the toroid - dancing around the ball and
many forked like normal, then after maybe 20 seconds it settles down to just
one streamer going straight up.  This one streamer walks around the ball
somewhat but has no forks in the discharge except at the very top.  It goes
straight up for about 16" to 18" then produces many forks at the top.  I have
never seen this before.  It reminds me of a tornado in appearance.

Has anyone tried this on a larger, higher powered system?  That would be
something to see a single discharge going straight up for seven or eight
feet.  This would probably only work outside with absolutely no wind.
 Something else for me to try when I eventually get some new capacitors for
my 6" coil.

Ed Sonderman