??? maybe a ridiculous idea???

From: 	William Noble[SMTP:William_B_Noble-at-msn-dot-com]
Sent: 	Thursday, June 19, 1997 9:23 PM
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Subject: 	??? maybe a ridiculous idea???

why can't a tesla coil be torroidal - for a small coil this could be wound on 
a heavily insulated bobbin - it the most efficient way of coupling all the 
flux from one coil to another....  maybe a flyback transformer type 
arrangement like I see for the transistorized tesla coils can be scaled up to 
500 w to 1 or 2 KW???

If an unloaded Q of <100 would suffice, then it seems that the 
space-wound geometry with a small toroid would be the best approach, 
in order to achieve a lower L/C at the lowest cost. Why add extra turns
to the sec, if doing so only forces the addition of a larger toroid to 
compensate?  The extra turns do not add extra voltage.