Coil Efficiency (Bad)

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Subject: 	Re: Coil Efficiency

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> Subject: 	Coil Efficiency
> Hi all,
>          I think we could be on the verge of making some real 
> progress in nailing down the merits of actual coil parameters. There 
> is much to be done in the wall socket -> coil efficiency stakes. But 
> if we look at the raw E x BPS vs spark length figures, we can start 
> to see where the coils themselves might be improved. I think there is 
> now a most fruitful area of research open to us. We might at last 
> have a platform from which to examine L/C ratios and the like. It 
> seems obvious now that when using current efficiency measurements we 
> are floundering around in the dark (with an arc to light the way :)
> Malcolm

Not having much luck with my coil and effeciency is terrible!

My coil is now powered by a pole pig and draws 20A at 240v thats 4800VA!
And all I get is a miserable 3' spark.  The tune is OK as adjustments of
the primary plus/minus one turn result in shorter spark length.  

I have had longer sparks than this from the coil before the rotary spark
gap broke, but still not as long as I would like.   Its the darn spark 
gap that gives me trouble.

One point of interest though, I am running my pole pig without balast and
I am achieving 'smooth' running.   I put this down to my spark gap which
is built around a 10,000 rpm motor.   The rotor on the gap has only two 
electrodes mounted on a 6" disk.   Only when I run the motor at maximum 
speed do I get this smooth running, with lower speeds loud bangs and blown
fuses result.   Have others tried fast motors and few electrodes on their 
spark gaps?


Is the apparant high VA a result of 'out of phase' amps and volts?  If I
added some PFC capacitors would this help.

Is the spark gap quenching well enough?  If not then how do I tell?  I
have a scope and I remember a thread on monitoring quenching using a scope.
Can anyone recall how this can be done?

Julian Green