Spark Gap Idea

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Wednesday, June 18, 1997 9:19 AM Jim
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> Hi Everyone,
> I just built a new spark gap & thought maybe someone else may benefit
> from the design.  I took a large variable cap, the kind with plates on
> the body and on the shaft with air dielectric.  I removed all but one
> plate on the body and one plate on the shaft.  THen I bent the plate
> that was left on the shaft so that I could get a parallel connection. 
> Also I sloped the plate so that I could adjust the gap by turning the
> shaft.  It was quick to build and so far seems to work great.

Ingenious idea there Jim! I would be a bit concerned at to the maxium
voltage you gap can handle though. As I remeber the old variable 
capacitors they worn't built for high voltage, so keep an idea on the 
insulation! What voltage transforer are you using with that gap?

> Instead of putting a knob on the shaft to rotate the gap I cut a notch
> at the end of the shaft so I can use a long screwdriver to adjust the
> gap while the coil is running which may be a stupid idea but I haven't
> gotten zapped yet.
Jim, if your feeding that gap at 60 Hz and there is more than 0.1 amp
available, you are playing Russian roulet (sp.?)! Do yourself a favor
and use an insulated (fiberglass shaft) screwdriver! As far as I know 
there is only one official death associated with a Tesla coil, lets 
keep it that way!


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