Rotary gap

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You may be confusing 1800 RPM with 1800 breaks per second.  Many small and
medium systems using neons transformers work very well with an 1800 RPM
synchronous motor using 4 rotor electrodes.  This wire fire at the plus and
minus peaks of the 60 Hertz charging transformer and deliver all of the
capacitor's stored energy on every plus and minus peak of 60 Hz.  An old
radioteletype motor works very well in this application.  

These systems tend to have more current in the discharge path than
non-synchronous motors running RSG's and usually offer improvement over
fixed sparkgaps.  Time lapse photographs of coils running with synchronous
motor RSG's have very powerful spark channel currents vs. non-synchro
systems.  Spark length (hence potential) is usually similar or slightly
improved over non-synchro systems.

Hope this helps you out.


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> Subject: Rotary gap
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> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone can tell me what is so special about a rotary
> that breaks at say about 1800 bps. If it improves your Tesla coils spark
> will it work on my neon. Is it save to use a rotary for my neon. If, not
> what can I do to protect it.
> I was just wondering, if anyone of you ever had build a Magnifier did the
> objects around you get charged and made sparks fly towards your finger.
> Thanks
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