Four Layer Coil

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Hi Alfred, All,
Do you really think that all of the magnetic field
from the primary can diffuse through all of the
layers of windings in the secondary without
phase shift or attenuation due to the
diffusion time constant or skin effect?


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Subject:  Re: Four Layer Coil
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On Sun, 15 Jun 1997 11:56:54 -0700 Bert Hickman
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> > It would see to me that placing the layers in parallel you would be
> > decreasing the inductance, ie.
> >
> >  Total I = 1 / (1/Ifirstlayer) + (1/Isecondlayer)...+(1/Inthlayer)

> Alfred,
> By having the wires of each layer right above the previous layer, there
> would be minimal change in the overall inductance of the secondary.

You have to stop and think about it for a while before it clicks!
What I wasn't thinking about is all the layers are being cut by the
same magnetic flux and consequently the inductance will be
ostensibly the same. The equation for parallel inductance assumes
each coil has an independent magnetic field.


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