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T>       From:  Phil Chalk <philoc-at-ozemail-dot-com.au>
T>Well, I just happen to have a 2kv, 10ma. transformer - open frame,
T>coated in black tarry stuff, now hard & brittle.  It works fine, and I'd
T>been wondering about it as a little TC tranny.  It was originally for
T>the EHT in an old (40s/50s) CRO, I believe.  I have various caps that
T>would probably cope with the voltage, too.

T>Do you think it might power nicely something maybe 1-2" dia & say 6"
T>tall ?  Have you ever made/had/seen a TC running at those specs ?  Spark
T>gap types ?

T>Thanx for any comments,

        A 2-kv., 10-ma. transformer is adequate for a small coil.
        The problem with it is in the tiny spark gap which allows
        of precious little (like, almost no) adjustment.  So ya'
        takes what ya' gits.

        If you feel bold, you might consider over-volting it to
        get 3-kv. or 4-kv.  That would allow for some wiggle-room
        in adjusting the spark gap.

T>'Down here', in Australia, anything other than 30ma neon transformers
T>seem pretty rare.  A few shops have told me I'm unlikely to find
T>anything else, and 1 or 2 others that 60s were used 'ages ago' and any
T>you find will be really old.  Bummer !  I currently have two of them
T>(30ma) at 15kv in parallel, and it's OK so far.

        There is nothing wrong with connecting  =like=  neon trans-
        formers in parallel.    In some ways it is highly beneficial
        as the lethal rf currents from the Tesla primary are spread
        out over more transformer mass than if one transformer were
        to be used.

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