More Mini Coils

From: 	Edward V. Phillips[SMTP:ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu]
Sent: 	Wednesday, June 18, 1997 1:01 PM
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Subject: 	Re:  More Mini Coils

"> Not to rain on your parade or anything but I just have to correct
> you.  What Malcolm achieved was most definitely *NOT* 60 watts per ft
> of discharge.  He reported producing some 4 inches of discharge for
> 20 watts input."
	I have a rather small coil here, running off a 12 volt
battery with a transistor interrupter.  I get 4.5" streamers
when the input current is about 2 amps, so results are almost 
identical to Malcom's.  Interesting thing........  If I turn
the coil on in the dark, there is almost no discharge visible
from the 2.5" toroid.  As the seconds go by the discharge increases
until there is a beautiful purple crown coming off the terminal.