adjustable gap

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Sent: 	Tuesday, June 17, 1997 9:40 PM
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Just received the plans for an adjustable gap from Fr.Tom this week and 
it looks like a great idea!

At this point it seems worthwhile to switch from the RQ gap I was 
starting and construct this one.... It seems to be a little more work 
(as there are more "moving" parts to fit together) but if it works as 
advertised (and it looks like it will) it will be a significant 
improvment and  well worth a little extra effort.

Fr. Tom has done a good job on drawing up the plans and the unit is 
described in simple terms and in a straight forward manner.

I think this one is a winner!

steve (seattle)

P.S.  I have not had any trouble in contacting Fr. Tom via e-mail and it 
only took two days to receive the plans.... BTW, 2 bucks for postage and 
printing is a steal for the full size plans!

Tesla List wrote:

(big snip)

> Thomas:
> I, (and perhaps others), have been trying to contact you about the
> adjustable gap you so kindly offered plans for. Could you send me copies
> via email? I tried to emial you for a week, and it always came back.
> thank you,
> Gene Lambert
> tesla-at-cyberverse-dot-com