Secondary Q values

From: 	Greg Leyh[SMTP:lod-at-pacbell-dot-net]
Sent: 	Tuesday, June 17, 1997 11:36 PM
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Subject: 	Re: Secondary Q values

John Freau wrote:

> The efficient results that coilers have obtained using cardboard
> secondaries (with a Q of 10) seems to support this view.

A Q of 10???  What did they wind it with -- toaster wire??

> I agree that the often ignored area of power supply to TC matching,
> is an intriquing and important subject that warrants further research
> efforts.

If an unloaded Q of <100 would suffice, then it seems that the 
space-wound geometry with a small toroid would be the best approach, 
in order to achieve a lower L/C at the lowest cost. Why add extra turns
to the sec, if doing so only forces the addition of a larger toroid to 
compensate?  The extra turns do not add extra voltage.