Bombarder use

Subject:     Bombarder use
      Date:  Sat, 14 Jun 1997 10:07:59 -0400
      From:  "Kevin M. Conkey" <teslacoil-at-mindspring-dot-com>
        To:  tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
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Thankyou for your reply, Father McGahee.
I am picking up my bombarder today. I will contact the manufacturer on
monday to find out exactly everything about it. I was asking questions
on the list because I couldn't wait. The xfmr is coming with the slide
type choke, which I will be using. This bombarder is rated at 7.5kw 30kv
250ma, I also have a 15kw 20kv 750ma pig. I want to do a nice job on the
control cabinet for the pig, and with all my projects on the burner, I
thought using the bombarder would get me up and running by the end of
the summer. I also wanted to compare the difference that 30kv 20kv would
make, keeping the current limited to 250ma. The bombarder also makes a
much smaller package. Although I do have plenty of space. I have seen a
dramatic difference between 10kv and 15kv, I hope to see the same
improvement between 20kv and 30kv. I suppose the current is determined
by the charistics of the pri/sec. I was originally going to use a 20kv
.1uf 60khz setup, now that I have the bombarder, I am going with a
balanced setup of 2x .1-at-20kv.(I already have the caps) The caps should
last longer. The total power will be less. I will compensate by using a
smaller torroid on the secondary. When I am done with that experiment, I
will go to the Pig using a larger torroid on the secondary.
Any comments?
Kevin M. Conkey