Re: Bombarder I

Subject:  Re: Bombarder I
  Date:  Fri, 13 Jun 1997 19:27:55 -0400
  From:  "Thomas McGahee" <tom_mcgahee-at-sigmais-dot-com>
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> Subject: Bombarder I
> Date: Friday, June 13, 1997 8:59 AM
> Subject:      Bombarder I
>       Date:   Fri, 13 Jun 1997 03:35:33 -0400
>       From:   "Kevin M. Conkey" <teslacoil-at-mindspring-dot-com>
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> I have heard one person say that a bombarder is current limited,
and one
> say not.
> Anyone else out there have an opnion?
> --
> Kevin M. Conkey

It is not a matter of opinion. Fact: The Bombarder is a wonderful
Beast of a transformer. Left to itself it is usually not current
limited. But it is NEVER left to itself. Current limiting is usually
provided in the form of a reactance coil. This coil may be INTEGRAL
to the Bombarder (built right into the frame core structure), or it
may be a separately ATTACHED item. It may be a slide type that is
quite variable, a tapped type that is step variable, a hybrid type
that is step variable and also slightly slide variable, or the modern
version that is saturable core variable using a separate electronic
control box.

The Bombarder comes in many styles, just as pole pigs and neons do.
It is possible to aquire one WITHOUT aquiring the required reactance
coil, etc.  To use such a transformer without a proper reactance coil
COULD mean permanent damage to the transformer or NOT, since SOME of
them ALSO have some form of maximum current limiting in the form of
shunts. Sort of an insurance policy just in case some (fill in the
blank) decides to short out the output wires.

They are normally VERY expensive items, VERY hard to get, as they are
often sold from neon shop to neon shop. This is not something you
just casually throw away. Or even casually sell. Getting one is sort
of like winning the lottery.

Those of us who own Bombarders can gloat. The rest of us can only
drool and dream of the day when WE might own one too.

The hierarchy is: Pole Pigs (Kings. Long may they rule). Potential
Transformers (Princes if not yet kings. Sometimes easier to live
with). Bombarders (Superman of the Neon Kingdom). Any Neon above 12K
or 60 ma or more (Noblemen at least). All the rest of the neons  and
oil burner transformers(Serfs). Anything less is just iron and copper
and perhaps a little tar and rust.

We might also mention the lame: the one-legged transformer. Injured
but still kicking with the one good leg. Not to be dismissed as
useless. Often able to be rehabilitated. The beloved Tar Baby.

Each has its place.

Fr. Tom McGahee