RE- A bipolar vacuum Tesla

Subject:        RE- A bipolar vacuum Tesl
       Date:    Thu, 12 Jun 1997 23:48:00 GMT
       From:    robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
Organization:  Society of Manufacturing Engineers
         To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

        Bonjour, monsieur:

        You are from France?  Like, in Europe?  (The message
        header indicates your message originated from Compu$erve)
        We do have such a pleasure very often, either on This
        List or on The Internet itself!

                It seems to me that after you Frenchmen invented
                your own "Internet", i.e. your fabulous Minitel,
                you sort of went off-line with the rest of us on
                The 'Net.

T>Hi young coilers,

T>  I remember ...

T>Exposition de Paris , 1937-  not my earliest recollection  : ' (
T>Palais des lumières , Paris , France , Europe ; -)

        Mon Dieu!  You remember 1937?  Like (Ulp!!) 60 years
        ago?  So you're at least 70-80?  Congratulations!!

                I thought I was the FUOM of The List (among
                several others), but I doff my cap to
                you, sir.

T>A bipolar vacuum Tesla coil ??

T>HF generator : 250 kW radio broadcast .
T>  Lenght of wave : 187 m ( 1,62 Mhz)
T>  Vacuum tubes : 400 W oscillator  , 2 x 20 kW water cooled triodes ,

 [ ... ]

        Sacre bleu!  Such details!

        You can't possibly have such a vivid memory -- so you
        must have some literature, photographs, motion pictures??
        Qu'es que ce?

        Anything you can digitize?  And post -- to The List, or
        it's FTP site??

        Many of us would be utterly fascinated!!

T>2 x 120 kW final triodes.
T>      Plate voltage : 5000 V (/ Hg kenotron )
T>      Heater : 30 V -at- 600 A ( / dynamo 1 )
T>      Control grid  700 V     ( / dynamo 2 )

T>2 x 1/4 wave magnifiers  ( 2 towers without terminal but
T>with a horizontal adjustable carbon electrode ) , standed near
T>an ornemental lake ( for an optical effect and triodes cooling).

T>Lightning sparks 7 m ( 23 ' )

        Who sponsored this spectacle?  The time period is such
        that it might have been Dr. Tesla himself on stage.

T>Amicalement votre ,


T>Dr Lyonel BAUM  ( MD ) , Macon , France , Europe.

        Macon?   Where is it?  What's the closest city or region
        we geographically-challenged Americans would recognize?

                We have a city of Macon in the state of
                Georgia.  It was the scene of some seminal
                events in the American civil rights movement
                of the 1960's, but I never realized the name
                was French.

                                     Vive La France!, from --
                                     Detroit, USA

                                     Robert Michaels