Re: Secondary wire & insulation

Subject:  Re: Secondary wire & insulation
  Date:  Fri, 13 Jun 1997 01:54:01 +1000 (EST)
  From: Rodney Graham Davies <Rodney.Davies-at-anu.edu.au>
    To: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

Hi Ed,

On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Tesla List wrote:

RE: Winding on lathe

> Rod,
> I have wound all three of my secondaries on a lathe and had good
> results.
> The last two, I layered on thick coats of cleary poly and left the
> lathe turning while it dried.  I tried heat lamps and they caused air 
> bubbles to come up to the surface and it looked like hell - but maybe 
> the air needed to get out anyway??

Hmm, the heat lamp method as I said I haven't used. I think the problem 
here is that the lamp will dry a micro layer of the varnish as to create 
a kind of "shell" which traps anything below it from escaping, such as 
air bubbles...

I simply leave the lathe turning slowly for a fair while...I've never
air bubbles come up though and I usually give the secondaries thin coats 
each time... takes a fair few, but the preparation results have been 

Hmm, interesting... well, hope that shines some light onto the problem..